Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prayer Request

Mark's creatinine has increased from 1.2 to 1.7 from this morning to this evening. In addition, his potassium has been higher than it was last week. These could be signs of several things including: dehydration, obstruction in blood flow, or rejection. We just spoke with the attending physician who has ordered a few adjustments in Mark's medicine. In addition, the Team is planning on doing an ultrasound of the transplanted kidney sometime soon to try to learn more about the function of the kidney. Please keep Mark in your prayers!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes.....will keep praying and have submitted your names for prayer at our church. I remember well the roller coaster rides we took with my brother. You know God loves you both and He is in control. Keep reminding yourself of that and ask for the peace that only He can provide.

Stan Nicely said...

We are praying for Mark and will have our church to pray.

Kelly said...

You have been in my heart these last couple weeks and will keep you on my mind and in my prayers all day. Know you're not alone and many of us including me have your spiritual back when you feel weak. (((Hugs)))