Friday, May 28, 2010

Phone call from Hopkins received...records released!

Well...Mark received the phone call from Johns Hopkins today! There isn't really much to report and it isn't time to celebrate yet as the Transplant Team at Hopkins only called to request our address in order to send an informational packet and release of medical information. Thus, there still may be a chance that Hopkins will not accept the referral. While we still don't know what will happen with Hopkins, it was nice to receive the call and find out that things are moving forward. As always, thanks for the continued prayers and support.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Referred to Johns Hopkins

Mark and I went to the Transplant Clinic at UK this week for our last follow up appointment. Now that Mark has a dialysis routine established and has been weaned from the immunosuppression medications, he is officially being referred to Johns Hopkins. The Chief of the Transplant Team at UK has been in contact with a physician at Johns Hopkins regarding Mark's two failed kidney transplants. The team at Johns Hopkins is doing a research study on transplantation in individuals who present much like Mark. UK is sending Mark's medical record to Hopkins this week. There is no guarantee that Hopkins will accept Mark or will transplant him again. But, there is at least hope of another transplant for now. We should find out by the end of the month if Hopkins accepted the referral and (if so) when we will go to Baltimore. Please continue praying for Mark. If Hopkins decides Mark is not a candidate for another transplant, we will have to come to terms with being on dialysis for life. We will post information about the referral to Johns Hopkins as soon as we find out more!