Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Appointment with Hematologist Scheduled

After a week of phone tag, our appointment with the Hematologist at Hopkins was confirmed for March 24th. Originally, we were scheduled for May 11th (the day my sister is scheduled for her c-section). So, we are thrilled to secure an earlier appointment. The appointment with the Hematologist will determine if Mark has anti-phospholipid syndrome-one of the blood clotting disorders Hopkins can treat prior to transplantation. On a related note, a few weeks ago, Justin (Mark's second donor) and I sent a sample of our blood to Hopkins to determine the presence or absence of antiendothelial antibody. This is the other blood clotting issue that can be treated prior to transplantation. Unfortunately, the lab at Hopkins could not complete the analysis of my blood as the sample was not large enough. Thus, we will have to send our blood again sometime soon.
So it looks like we will continue to pray and wait for now. We are prayerful that God will lead and direct our family and the physicians at Hopkins as we will find out relatively soon if a third transplant will be a part of God's perfect plan for our family. As always, thanks for the prayers and support.