Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Difficult Morning for Mom...Things Seem to be Looking Better

Here is an update on the transplants/surgeries:

1. Mom has had a difficult recovery thus far, but things appear to be improving. After surgery, Mom's blood pressure remained very low. She was given fluid to help increase her blood pressure. However, early this morning, she was rushed back into surgery as her blood pressure was not improving. An ultrasound of her abdomen indicated the presence of a potential bleed. However, during surgery, the surgeon could not locate any actively bleeding vessel. He did remove a large amount of blood-internally-around the surgical site. So, she was bleeding at some point, but the bleed appeared to be resolved during the surgery. She was placed in the ICU to be monitored more closely. At a point this morning, her numbers were still very unstable. However, at present, her blood pressure and hemoglobin levels are more stable. The physician now reports that he thinks the bleeding has stopped. Given the situation, Mom will remain in ICU and her hospitalization may be lengthened by a day or two to allow for more time for recovery. We are continuing to pray for Mom. Please also pray for my Dad...he is exhausted as he refused to leave Mom's side.

2. Mark appears to be doing well!!!!! His numbers are encouraging. His creatinine was around 15 prior to transplantation. During the last check, it was 5.6. In addition, his potassium is now within normal limits and his blood pressure is much improved. If you recall, his "numbers" never really improved after the first and second transplant. So, we are definitely encouraged. Normal limits for creatinine is usually a little below or above 1.0. We still have a way to go, but we are optimistic!

Mark's surgery took a little longer than anticipated to complete. The mesh that was used during the second transplant and hernia repair had grown into a portion of his bowel. Thus, during surgery, the Transplant Team had to remove a portion of the bowel. The Team does not seem overly concerned about this. Mark will remain NPO or unable to eat for a few days to allow for more time for the bowel to heal.

At present, Mark is more concerned about Mom than anything. Despite his NG tube and pain, he looks much better and seems to be feeling better. Mom and Mark are in the same ICU unit...a few beds separate them. Mark has been asking to be able to get up and go see Mom. He may be able to see her tomorrow if things continue improving.

3. From the Transplant Team's most recent report, Mom's recipient (who is also at Hopkins) is doing well. After surgery, one of the first things the recipient asked was, "When can I meet my donor?" Mom also wants to meet her recipient. When Mom's health is more stable, they should be able to meet. We are all looking forward to that moment!

4. From the Transplant Team's report, Mark's donor also seems to be doing well. We are hopeful the donor will release her information to us. We would love the opportunity to contact her and thank her for her gift of life to our family!

Please continue to pray for us all. Everyone is tired (physically and emotionally). We are thankful for your prayers!!!


Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for everyone. We also give God praise for all the blessings. Tell Mark and your Mom we said hello. Thank you for the updates.
Matt, Michelle, and Makayla

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for all of you! What a wonderful testimony of love your family is living right now! Please pass our love and prayers on to Mark, your Mom, and the rest of the family!

Brad, Jennifer, and Miranda

Anonymous said...

We are still praying. I'm so sorry it's been so rough for your mom, but I am so excited to hear such great things about Mark!! How encouraging! I will continue to pray for complete healing for both Mark and your mom.
Shelly Barrett

Anonymous said...

Hope all is going well with both of them...thanks for the updates, both families are in our prayers each day.