Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Chain of Love

Mom met her recipient today! It was an incredibly moving moment for us all! They spent some time getting to know one another and exchanged contact information. Mom and her recipient have a lot in common. They are very close in age. A second commonality was their love for their family. Mom's recipient has 13 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild, and another great grandchild on the way! It is a wonderful thought to think that Mom not only helped to restore her recipient's health, but also positively impacted so many people!

Mom was discharged on Monday and had her follow up appointment with her surgeon on Wednesday. Mark's creatinine is now 1.0! He is now on an oral blood thinner instead of heparin via IV. Thus, he will remain in the hospital through the weekend to allow for continuous monitoring of his blood consistency. We are hopeful he will be discharged on Monday.

Thanks for your continued prayers!


Anonymous said...

Precious and so inspirational. So glad everyone is doing well. Tell everyone we said hello and send our prayers and praises.
Matt, Michelle and Makayla

Anonymous said...

So happy to see your mom feeling well enough to go home and to visit her recipient....what a wonderful feeling she must be experiencing by giving someone extended and quality life!
So very glad to hear Mark's progress.........prayers will and Mark have been so faithful and trusting through all of inspirational example for us all.

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Mark, God is SO good! I am thrilled to read of Mark and Tish's continued progress. And getting to meet her donar recipient must have been so wonderful for your mother. What an inspiration they both are!