Monday, September 16, 2013

AVN and Hip Replacement

As many of you know, Mark is scheduled for his first hip replacement tomorrow. Since Easter, Mark has had significant pain in his hip and thigh. A few months ago, he was diagnosed with avascular necrosis (AVN) of both hips. The AVN was caused by use of steroids used for immunosuppression in the transplant process. While both hips are impacted by AVN, the left hip has much more deterioration. Over the past several months, Mark's ortho team has attempted different methods to improve Mark's hip functioning (physical therapy, cortisone injection, MRI guided injection, etc.). Unfortunately, none have been successful. So, tomorrow, Mark will have his left hip replaced.  While we are not looking forward to the surgery or recovery, we are hopeful the surgery will help diminish the pain and will help Mark regain his ability to walk without difficulty. Please keep us in your prayers!