Thursday, June 4, 2009

Surgery is complete

All seems to have gone well with the removal of Justin's kidney. He has been recovering in his room now for several hours. His family reports that his pain is pretty well controlled. He has had several visitors and appears to be doing well.

Mark's surgery lasted longer than we had anticipated. We got to see him about 5 minutes ago. The Surgeon is hopeful that all went well. After Justin's kidney was placed in Mark's body, there appeared to be difficulty finding a position for the new kidney to allow for optimal blood flow. The Surgeon remains hopeful. However, time will tell. They are keeping Mark in ICU tonight so that they can continually monitor his blood and urine output. They completed an ultrasound of the transplanted kidney and we are awaiting the results now. Please pray that the blood is flowing as it should through the new kidney as this will determine if the transplant will be successful.


Jaime Penix said...

Thanks for the update. Mark and Justin will continue to be in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

We love you all and we are also praying for you!!!!

Chriscelyn said...

We are praying for you--- Glad to have the update!
Chriscelyn and Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Kelli, We are still praying that the blood flows thu the kidney..only God can heal this and He will give guidance to the Dr's..But His Healing touch can be done without any help from anyone..Hope you can get some rest today! We love you!
Jane & Tommy Cawood

Anonymous said...

Prayers are going up for everyone! Thanks for the update!

Ashley Parker