Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Checked in and waiting

After a long day, we are finally checked in room 840. We have spoken with several of Mark's doctors and actually feel a little better about the surgery than we did a few days ago. Tomorrow morning, Mark is being seen by a Hematologist who is going to double check the results of Mark's blood work to make sure that he doesn't have an issue with blood clotting. Unlike the last surgery, we have been assured that we will get to speak with the Transplant Surgeon before the surgery begins. We have a few questions we would like to ask. We are praying that we will have a peaceful feeling after speaking with the Surgeon. Please continue to pray for Mark, Justin, and the White Family. I am sure that Justin is starting to feel a little anxious at this point!


Anonymous said...

We are praying for all of you. We love you!

Margaret M said...


We are praying for you, Mark, Justin and all of your families. hope things go well!!!!

Stephen Bryson said...

Kellie and Mark,

We are praying for you to have the peace that passeth understanding through this trial. We love you guys.

Stephen and Tara and family.