Monday, June 22, 2009


Mark is being readmitted to the hospital today. He had an appointment this morning at the Transplant Clinic. Unfortunately, his creatinine levels have jumped pretty significantly. They were 5.7 when we left the hospital last Thursday and are now up to 7.3. This means that he is going to start dialysis. We are waiting for the admission paperwork to be completed. Then, we'll probably be back up on the 8th floor. One of the physicians will place a "deep line" in Mark's neck. This will serve as a temporary means for the dialysis. I think that they will place a more permanent port later this week. There are 2 types of dialysis: hemodialysis that uses the blood and peritoneal that utilizes the peritoneal cavity. Both require an access "port" to allow for the fluid to exit the body. However, it takes a few weeks after placement for it to be used. In the mean time, the deep line will be used. Mark wants to go on peritoneal dialysis. This type of dialysis can be completed at home. I'm unsure if the placement of the peritoneal catheter requires general or local anesthesia. I'll post more information as we find out what will happen. I'm thinking Mark will be in the hospital until the weekend. Please keep praying for Mark!!!


Anonymous said...

Kelli, we will continue to pray for you & Mark during this time..sorry he has to use dialysis..but it is a means of ridding the body of waste products to cleanse the blood.
We love you all and will pray for the strength needed in all this..
Jane & Tom Cawood

Margaret M said...


I am thinking of you and Mark and praying for you both!!!! I am glad that you had a few days respite before beginning this new step! Hugs and LOVE!