Monday, June 7, 2010

Report from Cystocopy

Mark had cystocopy this afternoon to determine the cause of the hematuria. The results indicated the presence of several blood clots in the transplanted kidney. This confirmed that Mark's body had started rejecting the transplanted kidney since being taken off the anti-rejection medications. Thus, the Transplant Team started Mark back on the immunosuppressive medications this evening. Although we feel blessed the cystocopy did not show something worse than clots, the fact that Mark will be on immunosuppression while he is on peritoneal dialysis is worrisome as it will make it more difficult to avoid infection (peritonitis). In addition, if the medications aren't effective, removing the transplanted kidney may be necessary. This is especially worrisome as Mark most likely will not be able to use peritoneal dialysis while healing from the surgery (nephrectomy).

Mark was scheduled to see the Cardiologist this morning regarding the clots in his heart. Obviously, we couldn't make it to the appointment. The Transplant Team arranged for the echocardiogram to be completed while Mark is an in-patient. They were hopeful the echo could be done after the cystocopy so we could go home today. Unfortunately, this didn't happen. So, we'll be here until tomorrow. We're hoping that Mark will get the echocardiogram early in the morning and that the Cardiologist will come and speak to us soon after so we will be discharged soon. As you might imagine, we are so eager to see Mark Thomas! Also, tomorrow is my niece's first birthday and Goggie and Pappy are coming home from Naples for the summer. So, we want to be home ASAP!


Anonymous said...

We are praying for you both! Let me know if there is anything at all I can do at work to help you out.

ahmad said...

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