Sunday, June 6, 2010

Admitted to UK due to clotting

Mark was admitted to the Transplant Unit early this morning after being in the ER last night. Last week, Mark noticed blood clots when urinating. He was being trained on a new dialysis machine and was seen by the dialysis Nephrologist in Hazard on Thursday and Friday. Mark's Nephrologist had instructed him to monitor the clotting and to go to the ER if the clotting worsened. We called the Transplant Team yesterday and were told to come on to the ER as clotting can be a sign of rejection. Although the transplanted kidney isn't fully working and Mark is no longer on immunosuppressive medications, he could still reject the kidney. The other potential cause of the bleeding could be some type of structural problem within the urinary tract. We were scheduled for an endoscopic assessment this morning in which a camera is used to detect any obstruction or structural problem. However, we kept getting bumped as more urgent cases were getting priority in the OR. So, Mark is on the schedule for the procedure tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, the assessment will give the physicians the information about how to treat the problem. Things are kind of up in the air in that we could be discharged tomorrow if the assessment shows no huge problem and the Transplant Team thinks that use of immunosuppression could make the clotting stop OR we could be here for a while if the assessment shows the need for some type of more invasive procedure to fix any obstruction or structural deviation. Mark will go under general anesthesia tomorrow. Please pray that he won't experience any adverse reaction to anesthesia as he has in the past. We are trying to keep a positive is just so hard to believe that Mark was at UK this time last year for the second transplant!

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