Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update on Mark

We're happy to be out of the ER and in a room on the Transplant Floor. The cultures are showing Mark has a rare infection that only immunosuppressed patients can acquire. The exact location/cause of the infection is still undetermined. Mark's incision site around the hernia was somewhat red on Friday morning. The Team ordered an ultrasound to investigate if the infection was related to the hernia repair. The ultrasound of the incision from Mark's hernia repair showed a potential abnormality. However, Mark's abdomen no longer appears as red. He feels much better and seems to be responding to the IV antibiotics. To further investigate the hernia repair site, the Team completed a scan late last night to help identify any abscess. At present, we are waiting for the results of this scan. PLEASE PRAY...if the scan shows an abscess, Mark would have to undergo another surgery! The Team decided to wait to remove the catheter in Mark's chest used for dialysis. Typically, when a patient has a temporary port and an infection, the Team will remove the port and not replace it for a few days. This allows the patient to go a few days without a foreign object like a plastic catheter in his or her blood stream. However, Mark's potassium is elevated. He may need dialysis tomorrow to help combat the potassium. Given his high potassium and the fact that the scan results are not yet complete, the Team will make a decision later today or tomorrow about whether or not to remove the catheter. As always, please pray for Mark! His spirits are low-especially considering we could see Commonwealth stadium from our room on the 8th floor but could not watch the game-even on television! Mark is beyond ready to be back at home!


Anonymous said...

We & our people at Grace Baptist prayed for Mark this morning..will continue to do so..Know how hard it was not to be part of the UK game..we understand that well!
Hoping to hear your next post will be a good one.
We love you all! Praying for healing for him!
Jane & Tom Cawood

Kelly, FlywithHope said...
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Kelly, FlywithHope said...

Kellie, I've read through your whole blog and it has been moving to see your devotion to your husband yet heart breaking to hear of everything you both are going through. I will be following and praying fervently for Mark, yourself, your son and those who are supporting you.

Kelly (Smith) Wahle --I forgot to put my name in my other post!