Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Surgery update

Mark has been instructed to report to UK at 8:45 this morning. His hernia surgery is the second scheduled surgery today unless an emergency surgery causes it to be postponed. If it works out that his surgery truly is second, I am thinking it may be completed around 11:30 or 12:00. Yesterday Mark's blood work indicated an increase in creatinine. It was 4.0 last Thursday and is now 4.9. This is not good news-we will find out today what the Transplant Team will decide about dialysis. As always, we are asking for prayer. Please pray specifically for Dr. Roberto Gedaly-the Transplant Surgeon who is completing the surgery. Also, please pray for the Anesthesiologist who will be assigned to Mark's case today. Mark had difficulty waking from the anesthesia during the first transplant. So, we are always especially apprehensive about general anesthesia! Also, please pray for my brave husband. Although he is the bravest and strongest man I know, it is difficult to see him face his sixth surgery since March! I will post more as we learn more this morning. I am hopeful that I can get our laptop to pick up the wireless signal at UK today!


Jaime Penix said...

We'll be praying for everyone today!

Virginia said...

Prayers for God's comfort and healing for Mark and the entire family.