Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We're home!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Mark was discharged from the hospital on Monday afternoon. He was put on IV antibiotics throughout the weekend. When we were admitted on Friday, the physicians were suspicious that the catheter in Mark's chest used for dialysis may be a source of infection. Luckily, the team decided that removing the catheter was not necessary! At one point over the weekend, we thought that Mark would go home on IV antibiotics. This would have meant placing another port in his arm and having Home Health come and train us on how to use the IV port. But, the infection Mark has is responsive to antibiotics you take by mouth. So, we avoided this also! Mark will be on oral antibiotics for 14 days. This will postpone his surgery that was tentatively scheduled for next week to place the peritoneal dialysis catheter in his abdomen. Since we were in Lexington on Monday, we do not have to go to the Transplant Clinic this week. So, we are happy to report that we are home for a while! My family has scheduled a mini-vacation to Gatlinburg this weekend to celebrate Mark and my brother Josh's birthday. So, we will be getting some much needed R and R from Friday until Monday!!! When we return from Gatlinburg, I'll be sure to post pictures of Mark Thomas. We are planning on taking him to the Aquarium. He is so excited about seeing "big sarks"(i.e."Big Sharks")!!

We are staying with my parent's this week. We are having hard wood installed in our home. Mark cannot be around the dust and debris. So, if you need us, please contact us by email or at my parent's home.


Anonymous said...

Kellie and Mark,
Glad to hear things are good. Enjoy the trip. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Kelli & Mark,
Hope your trip went well and you were able to truly rest & enjoy your time as a family.
Still remembering you in our prayers and praising God for those answered prayers!
Love ya"
Jane & Tom Cawood

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I'm glad I finally learned of your site. I've been wondering how Mark is doing. Denise had been giving me occasional updates but now I don't have an e-mail with KCEOC anymore. We are still in NC. My grand daughter has been running some low grade fevers and we can't figure out why. All tests have been negative. Her website is if you want to check us out sometime. Mark has been in our thoughts and prayers. I've asked friends to remember him in prayer. I'm so glad you guys are home. I hope your trip went well and you were able to get the R and R I know you both must have needed. I will continue to visit your site for updates now that I know about it. Hang onto your faith. With GOD nothing is impossible.

Cheryl Dean