Saturday, July 18, 2009

Readmitted with infection!

Mark had his weekly check-up with the Transplant Team on Thursday. When we were at the clinic, he was running a high fever. The Team completed blood work and sent him for a chest X-ray. Mark had been feeling poorly for a few days. He had been experiencing tremors during the night and felt a little nauseous. However, after spending all day in the clinic, Mark started to feel a little better by mid-afternoon. In fact, Dr. Waid (Neprhologist with the Transplant Team) decided to send Mark home. His fever had dropped and the chest X-ray showed no problematic signs.

On Friday afternoon, Mark went to dialysis in Harlan. When he was there, the Transplant Team called and informed us that his blood work indicated infection. Because Mark is taking anti-rejection medications, his immune system is compromised, making it hard for his body to fight off any infections. Thus, the Team decided to admit him to administer IV antibiotics. It is likely that the port in Mark's chest used for dialysis is infected. We are thinking they will remove the port on Monday and replace it with another port maybe in a different location (forearm, other side of chest). Dr. Gedaly told us this morning that Mark may get to go home on Monday. Monday is Mark's birthday-so we're praying that we can spend it at home with Mark Thomas. Please keep praying for Mark!!!

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Anonymous said...

We are still praying for Mark and your family..Know this seems like a setback...but keep believing that God is working and that He is there for you...remembering "I can do all things thru Christ, who strenghtens me" Phil 4:13
Love you all,
Jane & Tom Cawood