Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two weeks and counting!!!

It is hard to believe that (if all goes well) our transplant will take place two weeks from tomorrow. As I reflect upon this entire situation, I continue to remain in awe of how God has worked in our lives. Looking back, I can see how He has guided us and provided for us in ways that we did not realize at the time. The way in which Mark discovered he had a kidney disease is a miracle in and of itself. The Lord was working on that day ten years ago when the nurse in charge of Mark's care during the removal of an ingrown toenail just happened to comment, "Your blood pressure sure is high." The Lord continued working as Mark mentioned the nurse's comment regarding his hypertension to the nurse at Dr. Weiler's clinic when delivering a package. This led to his visit with Dr. Weiler that resulted in a referral to a Nephrologist. And here we are today getting ready for the transplant and God hasn't stopped working! It still brings me to tears when I think of how God moved so many of you to offer your kidney to Mark. The nurse coordinator at UK mentioned to us several months ago that she had never received so many phone calls from individuals wishing to donate to a patient in such a short period of time. She had commented, "Mark must be a special person." Of course, I'll agree with her assertion! But I'd also add that our God is an amazing God who provides for His children. We have been able to lean on Him and trust in His plan for our lives. God knew what he was doing when he allowed me to meet an incredible woman who had given her kidney to her brother who has IGA Nephropathy about two years ago. I met this donor at UK, but not in the transplant clinic. She was actually the Radiologist Technician who conducted my CAT scan several weeks ago. God allowed our paths to cross and she provided me with a wealth of information. My conversation with her has made it even easier to stay calm and focus on the positives in the situation. In addition to these three things, God has done so much more! I may share others later. We have been blessed beyond measure. In my opinion, this entire situation serves as an undeniable testament to God's mercy, power, and love!


Jane said...

Praise God..yes, He works in his own time..because He knows when it is the right time.
You all are on our prayer lists at Grace Baptist here in Tullahoma, Tn.
Waiting to hear more about this as it happens!
We love you and your family.
Jane & Tommy Cawood
Tullahoma, Tn

Margaret M said...

So happy that things are finally falling into place. I am praying for your whold family as I know that you have so much to prepare before the surgery. Hugs and Prayers!

Jim Kirk said...

Super! Tell me Mark not to worry. Everything will be fine. What else are you going to do. You gotta do what you got to do. I'll be thinking about you both.