Friday, December 12, 2008

An Early Christmas Gift: All Negative Crossmatches!

Today we received wonderful news from the transplant team! All three potential donors were "negative crossmatches!" In other words, the results of the blood work completed on Monday indicated that Justin, Carma, or I could serve as a donor for Mark. At this point, only one donor will proceed with the additional testing that is required to determine if he or she is healthy enough to donate. The transplant team has asked Mark and I to think about who we think should donate and respond to them with our choice on Monday. At that point, they go over the results of the testing and our input to decide who they think should continue with the testing.

It is an easy decision for me...I really think that I should be the donor! I am actually really excited about the prospect of giving my husband a kidney. I have spent a great deal of time thinking and praying about the situation and honestly have a very peaceful and good feeling. I have felt like I would be the donor for several weeks. I don't have any reservations at all about donating. Mark and I are blessed with a wonderful family who could help us during recovery and could help with caring for Mark Thomas.

While I can't express my gratitude to Carma and Justin for their willingness to help, I do not want to involve either one of them in the process if I am able to donate. As a mother, I just can't consider putting another mother's son or another family's mother in jeopardy. Carma, Justin, and all of the other loved ones who have offered to donate have taught us an unbelievable lesson about fearlessly trusting God and unselfishly giving to others.

We are continuing to pray for God's guidance and want to praise Him for this wonderful news!!!!!!! Hopefully, the transplant team will agree with our choice and I can complete the additional testing over the holiday break.


Margaret Miracle said...

How wonderful that you are all matches! I am praying for you and your decision!

Heather said...


That is wonderful news. Hope you guys can get some rest over Christmas.

Heather Johnson