Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Report from Cardiology/update on dialysis

Mark saw the Cardiothoracic Surgeon yesterday at UK. Since being discharged in mid February, the Cardiothoracic Surgeon has monitored Mark's heart through various imaging tests. In addition, Mark has been taking an oral blood thinner to prohibit formation of any additional clots. The Cardiologist who read the imaging tests feel like the masses in Mark's heart are most likely clots. The clots are slightly-almost insignificantly smaller-than they were when Mark was hospitalized. Although the change is slight, the fact that the clots are smaller serves as evidence that they are indeed clots and not a tumor. Although having two clots in the heart is definitely worrisome, it was wonderful news to hear that the clots are smaller. The Cardiothoracic surgeon did not think that the clots would jeopardize Mark's candidacy for a future transplant. He will continue to monitor Mark although our next appointment with Cardiology is not for three months! Mark is back at UK tomorrow for removal of his midline used for the IV antibiotic. He will then go back to transplant later this month. Peritoneal dialysis seems to be working well. Mark feels much better than he has for months. Although doing a PD exchange every 6 hours is burdensome at times, it is well worth the sacrifice as Mark feels and looks great! Praise be to our God for this blessing!


Jaime Penix said...

So glad to hear the good news!! Also, very glad to hear that Mark is feeling much better! Yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update..good news about the clots being sl smaller..Keep us updated about any changes..You all are still in our prayers daily! May His blessings be on you both!

Jamaica said...

Please let me know, if Mark will be able to have another transplant, so that I contact the appropriate people. (I still need to be tested.) I've got an extra kidney just lying around, and he's welcome to have it, when, and if, the doctors want to do another transplant.

Hugs to you guys!