Monday, February 1, 2010

Emotional day....may be discharged tomorrow

Not much has changed with Mark's health since our last blog. Mark spent the weekend recovering from the surgery on Thursday. We celebrated my birthday on Friday and were able to visit with Mark Thomas and our family. On Thursday and Friday, Mark had some pretty significant pain in his abdomen from the placement of the peritoneal dialysis catheter. We learned today that the fistula that was created in Mark's forearm during surgery on Thursday is not functioning. The physicians suspect that Mark's clotting issue contributed to the fistula not working. Although we were aware of the potential threat blood clotting issues create for fistulas, we were really hopeful that the surgery would have been successful. It was difficult to hear that the fistula isn't working. It is our understanding that the veins and arteries used in creating fistulas can never be used in another fistula in the future. Thus,the fistula not working means that we lost one "life line" for Mark. As we mentioned in an earlier post, the intent of the surgery on Thursday was to create two types of dialysis accesses so that we would have two options for dialysis. The physicians talked about trying to repair the failed fistula or creating a new one. However, they decided against least for right now. So, the plan is to continue monitoring Mark's blood work to make sure he is safe to go without dialysis at least for a few more days so the incisions around the catheter can heal and so we can be trained on peritoneal dialysis. We may be discharged tomorrow. At that point, we will go to Hazard for a 5 day training on peritoneal dialysis. Before we are discharged, we think that the cardiologists will complete another echocardiogram to gain more information about the clots in Mark's heart. We are uncertain if this will happen today or tomorrow. Today Mark had a mid-line placed in his arm to allow him to receive IV antibiotics when we are discharged. We will be trained on how to administer this drug as well. Please continue to pray for Mark. We are hoping that no problems arise with peritoneal dialysis!


Jaime Penix said...

Still praying everything goes smoothly with the Peritoneal Port and Dialysis. I hope you guys get to go home today! I know you have to be ready to get there.

Anonymous said...

Kellie, we are all praying for Mark, you, and Mark Thomas. I'm praying too that the snow days keep coming so that you won't have to use any sick days. Love you all!
Kelly Daniels

Margaret M said...

Continuing to pray for Mark, you and Mark Thomas! I love Kelly's post about you not having to use your days. There is a blessing in all of these days! HUGS to you!

Anonymous said...

Kellie, I hadn't thought about the snow days either. Isn't it amazing how God works all things to good for those who love Him. Please know that we are continuing to pray for you, Mark, Mark Thomas and your entire family daily.
Jeanne Ann

Jamaica said...


What's the status on another kidney transplant? Are the doctors still refusing to try another, or do they know enough, about his condition now, that they'd try it again?