Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Report from Cardiothoracic Team

The Transplant Team and Cardiothoracic Surgeon visited Mark this afternoon. They are still unsure exactly what the masses are in Mark's heart. However, their best guess is that they are clots given Mark's history with clotting. (Remember that immediately after my kidney was placed in Mark's body back in March, his body clotted it off). They are treating Mark right now with blood thinners and will monitor him over the next few days to see how he responds. If the blood thinners are successful, the clots will not increase in size. The Team will then wean Mark from the IV blood thinners to a blood thinner taken by mouth. If the blood thinners are not successful and the clots continue to increase in size, open heart surgery may be required. I am unsure how long it will take for the Team to make a decision about if the blood thinners are working. Please keep praying that God's name will be glorified in this situation.


Samantha and Chris said...

Hey guys. Samantha and I, and my parent's Sunday school class, are praying for you Mark that God will be glorified through your complete and speedy recovery.

kblack said...

still praying and thinking of all the family, let us know if you need us.
Kathy & ED