Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No news is good least for now!

Once again, I'll start by apologizing for not updating Mark's kidney transplant blog for several weeks. However, as my title states, there is really no new news to least not right now. We managed to stay out of the hospital over the Thanksgiving holiday and are hoping to do the same over Christmas break. Since being discharged from the hospital in October, Mark has resumed dialysis three times weekly. While dialysis is a blessing in the sense that it does the job Mark's kidneys cannot do, it is also a nuisance. Mark has a lot of adverse side effects from dialysis (nausea, fatigue, etc.). Mark has continued with his visits to the transplant clinic-although the frequency of the visits to Lexington has decreased. At his last visit, the Team expressed concern with his abdomen. Mark's abdomen is beginning to protrude in the same place it did prior to his hernia surgery. The Team is thinking that either Mark's hernia has returned or he has developed an issue with the "mesh" they placed around Justin's kidney back in June. Thus, they completed an ultrasound last Thursday. We are awaiting these results. If the hernia has returned, the Team will complete a surgery to repair the hernia. They have also discussed removing the transplanted kidney during the same surgery as the function of the kidney is still in question. Although the last scan indicated the kidney is perfused or is receiving blood flow, the kidney has never really "kicked in" and has not helped to improve Mark's overall kidney function. Removing Justin's kidney is a really sad thought. It would mean that the Team has officially given up on the kidney ever working. However, it would allow Mark to stop taking all of the anti-rejection medications. The Team is also considering placing the PD catheter during the surgery as well. This would allow Mark to begin doing dialysis at home. If you recall, Mark has been attempting to get the PD catheter placed for several months now. This has not happened due to his frequent hospitalizations and infections. It is our understanding that he would have to be off of the antibiotics used to treat infections for several weeks before the surgery to place the catheter could be scheduled. Although the thought of another surgery is very troubling, we are trying to stay focused on the positives. If indeed one surgery can do all three things (repair the hernia, remove the kidney, place the PD catheter), then we are eager to get this behind us. We will keep you updated on the results of the ultrasound and plans for the future.


Jaime Penix said...

You continue to be in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Mark, We still are praing for you and a miracle of kidney function, if this be God's will...We love you all and wish the best Christmas for you & your family!

Jane & Tom